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With Azobu, you can:

  • Gain high-income skills
  • Become a job-ready professional
  • Raise your current salary
  • Start freelance and remote work
  • Craft a valuable content
  • Build a scalable tech business

Achieve those goals by learning and practicing professional skills of web development and software engineering which are highly popular and in-demand with worldwide companies.

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Build real projects

Ideate, plan, build, and launch your portfolio of real-world projects with a remarkable interface and usability.

The Galactic News

News or blog site inspired by Medium,, Hashnode, BBC News, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Forbes, ESPN, and your favorite go-to updates of information.


Social media network inspired by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or places you can share things with family, friends, and followers.


Career and job portal inspired by LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Stack Overflow Jobs, GitHub Jobs, or boards which you can to apply for a job or publish a job vacancy.

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Helping you to start and grow your career in the software industry.

"azobu" 「あぞぶ」 is inspired by "asobu"「あそぶ」which means "play" in Japanese.

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