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When will it launch?

We will launch when everything is ready for public to use. In the meantime, you can check out our Mentorship program.

Is this a bootcamp?

Nope, this is NOT a bootcamp. :)

What happens when I delete my account on Azobu?

We want deleting your Azobu account to be as simple and straightforward as possible. As soon as you confirm that you would like to delete your account, the following events happen immediately:

  • All of your personal profile information will be deleted in our database. This includes your name, username, profile photo, cover photo, description, and any connections to 3rd party social networks that you use to sign in to Azobu.
  • All existing memberships you have in any group or organization will be disabled.
  • You will be logged out and returned to the Azobu homepage.

The messages and conversations that you have posted will not be deleted, in order to preserve the integrity of the public nature of discussions on Azobu. Any messages or conversations that remain undeleted will not be identifiable as yours.

If you wish to delete any messages or conversations on Azobu, please do this prior to deleting your account. You can view all conversations where you’re active by viewing your profile.

All backups containing personal information are deleted after 30 days.

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"azobu" 「あぞぶ」 is inspired by "asobu"「あそぶ」which means "play" in Japanese.

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